47-year-old actor Wesley Snipes will be headed to prison after a court denied his appeal of a conviction on tax evasion charges.

The court found the ‘Blade’ star guilty after he failed to file taxes from 1999 to 2001. Reportedly Snipes owed the government nearly $12, 000,000 in back taxes.

When Snipes was sentenced to a 36 months sentence, the star said it was “unreasonable” and filed for an appeal.

On Friday, the United States Court of Appeals for the 11th Circuit reaffirmed in a 35-page decision the original ruling, and disregarded Snipes’ claim that the sentence was too harsh.

Reports have not confirmed when Snipes will turn himself in.

The actor recently starred in ‘Brooklyn’s Finest’ and according to Black Voices, just wrapped production on two additional films ‘Gallowwalker’ and ‘Game of Death’ scheduled for release next year.

What do you think about Wesley Snipes’ 3-year sentence? Is it too harsh?

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  • secret ninja

    i wish people would stop pulling the “save a brotha” card. it’s called “tax evasion” for a reason. he failed to even file his taxes from 1999-2001. if for whatever reason he did not have the money, he could have worked something out with the IRS, it’s called a payment plan. they have been after him for this money for some time now. as a celeb, i doubt he will be in prison for long. this would only be a harsh sentence if the money he owed was $122.00 or $12.00. but no. it’s $12,000,000. he owes the IRS $12,000,000 and he has used every flimsy excuse in the book to keep from paying it. the very fact that he generates hundreds of millions of dollars annually magnifies the stupidity of his refusal to file, let alone pay his taxes.

    do i feel sorry for him? somebody, anybody, cue the violin music.

    • Kasandra


      If you don’t want to go to jail, don’t do illegal stuff. point blank peroid!

  • “There are corporations out there that regulary cheat the goverment out of billions and not a thing is done to reel them in. Any law that is not equally enforced across the board with the big fishes being taken down first is unjust. Any monkey can see that.”

    Couldn’t agree with this statement more if I said it myself.

    There are thieving corporations out there who regularly duck and dive and then have the audacity to ask for a bail out and get away with just about anything. The justice should be EQUAL, but as usual one rule for some people and another rule for others.

    In the meantime, you have paedophiles who have blatantly abused children walking the streets free and clear.

    When it comes to money they know how to give harsh sentences, when it comes to human welfare, they don’t really give a monkeys. Just fascinating isn’t it? such back to front logic. Guess he didn’t have enough to bribe the judge as well.

    A police officer kills a man in cold blood, he gets off with the lightest sentence. You owe tax, you get a prison sentence.

    I guess Wesley Snipes isn’t part of the “old boy network” then.

    Finally, yes people should pay their taxes, but they are not going to recoup their tax if he is in a prison cell idling away are they? Common sense.