After Kelis slapped Nas with back child support payments and alimony, a conversation opened up around the validity and fairness of our legal system. Singer Lyfe has been vocal about the issue, stating the laws should be changed so that people can no longer live off of child support payments.

Now 41-year-old singer Brain McKnight is the latest hot topic.

TMZ reports the singer was sued for back child support payments by Miriam Lee, a woman McKnight was involved with– reportedly before he divorced his wife of 13 years. The woman claimed McKnight was the father of her 14-year-old son. According to reports, McKnight was ordered by a judge to pay the woman $341, 640 in back child support payments.

But lucky for ‘One Last Cry’ singer who already has two teenage sons, a DNA test proves he is not the father.

TMZ states: “Brian McKnight is not the father of a 14-year-old kid in Florida — so says a DNA test — and now, he’s no longer responsible for $341,640 in back child support payments the boy’s mother was hoping to collect. As we previously reported, a woman sued McKnight last year claiming Brian is her long lost baby daddy. But McKnight didn’t respond to her lawsuit, and the judge issued a default judgment against him … which means he was on the hook for the cash. McKnight eventually took a DNA test — and the results showed that Brian could not be the kid’s father … so the judge promptly tossed out the case. “

Reports have not confirmed whether or not Miriam Lee was trying to manipulate the popular ballad crooner. Sources actually confirm the two shared a long relationship, and eventually grew apart.

But we all know some male celebrities are targets of cunning women who purposely become pregnant to strike it rich. Writer Aliya King’s new book Platinum chronicles the antics of some of these women all too clearly. One woman in the novel went as far to call the wife of the rapper she intentionally became impregnated by demanding she pay up in advance for child support.

How will society address the constant celebrity child support drama and lawsuits? Male stars are primarily liable. Most of whom, are stepping out on their wives, sleeping with women on tours and music video sets. These men open themselves up for possible drama–legal woes and bank dissolving payments included.

What do you say about the matter? Are male celebrities wrongfully targeted by cash-driven women? Or are these men the ones at fault? Sound off!

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