From The BVX –One thing’s for sure, Zoë Kravitz is not your average celebrity kid. The rambunctious 21-year-old daughter of rocker Lenny Kravitz and actress Lisa Bonet divides her time between acting and singing the lead vocals for the rock group Elevator Fight.

The Philadelphia-based group, made up of Kravitz, Dominic Angelella, Khari Mateen, Joe Baldacci and Nick Bockrack, came together in 2008 over their love of music and booze. Since then, the four have performed at festivals, bars and other venues throughout the country, including SXSW.

This Monday, Elevator Fight will headline its own show at the Music Hall of Williamsburg, with performances from Click Clack Boom and Hollyweerd. TheBVX caught up with Kravitz and her band member Dominic to chat about Elevator Fight’s performance, new album, the Illuminati and why rock music wouldn’t exist without black people.

Everyone in the group lives in Philadelphia except for Zoe, how does the distance impact the group?

Zoë Kravitz: We definitely don’t get to rehearse or write together as much as we’d like to, but we get sh*t done. I’m really well known on the China bus now. The distance issue definitely makes things a little more complicated, but in the end,d it works out. We rehearse more when we have an actual show to prepare for, as opposed to rehearsing on a regular basis. Dom will come up to New York and crash at my place and we’ll write music together.

What do you guys like to write about?

ZK: We sing about the Illuminati, beer, comic books and naked chicks. Kinda just everything.

Dominic Angelella: We actually do have a song about the Illuminati. We also like to write about personal stuff and ghosts… there’s a lot of inspirational stuff in the world.

What are your musical influences?

I always wanted to sound like Jack White, Tom Waits, Patti Smith and Karen O. That’s who I want to be like.

DA: I’d like to be Andre 3000 meets Jack White and Aereo Plain.

If you could have your way, who would you tour with?

I think I’d like to go on tour with the Yeah Yeah Yeahs and Good Weather Girl, but I’d be kind of scared to open up for Good Weather Girl.

DA: Lil Wayne would be cool. It would be cool to go on tour with a crazy superstar, but it would also be cool to go on tour with a less famous band.

Do you guys have an album in the works?

ZK: We have a collection of really sh***y performances from Dominic’s basement — unreleased masterpieces — but we’re going to record an album this fall. Right now were in the process of writing for it.

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