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  • Loquacious

    O_o at folks who think this is a good song and video. It is degrading to black women.

    • Creme A la

      how? It’s true. I know plenty of people black or white who won’t look your way unless your doing beyond big things. Heck, most of those people are educated!!!! She’s saying many women they meet in “that” world are in it for…the money..YOUR money! She said those sistas who are doing it on there own are “Bad chicks”…true….

  • tryin to understand the Nuvo. not a premium choice for anyone with money. nice vid fa sho!

  • lexdiamonz

    “rappers” and with this chick i use that term loosely give products more free placement than any advertising agency known to man…. i hope Nuvo (sp) broke her off a check