• Am I the only one that finds it problematic that mainstream artists seem to be profiting off stories of abusive relationships?

    • No you are not the only one who finds it troubling.

      Like many others, I find myself singing this song sometimes, but overall I feel like its perpetuation of violence to be pretty disturbing. Also, this isn’t Eminem’s first song about killing a woman. He made a song about wanting murder his mother as well as his ex wife. I can’t believe no one is even bringing up his violent and aggressive lyrics.

    • Amani

      I agree with you GyalE this video pushes abusive relationships as being sexy and adventurous.

  • Kourtney

    Rihannas hair is very cute. and you know there are lots of people out there with hair and attitudes with that. its just cuz she is famous so she gets called out more than every other normal person. but i dont think he video and song is pushing sexy abusive realtion ships if you listen and watch its telling how they are in love and willing to put up w/ each other so they dont have to split. its rreally cute if you think aobr ut