From Black Voices — ‘American Idol’ winner Fantasia Barrino is not only being considered a husband-stealing home wrecker; she’s also allegedly the star of a sex tape.

According to published reports, Paula Cook, of North Carolina, is alleging that the J Records singer engaged in an affair with her husband, Antwaun Cook, and says in court documents that the pair “recorded” their sexual encounters.

The couple separated in June and the estranged wife is seeking child custody, alimony and other monetary support, according to court documents filed Aug. 4 in Mecklenburg County District Court in the Charlotte area.

The documents allege that Cook began the affair with Barrino, 26, in August 2009 after the pair met at a T-Mobile store where he is employed.

After winning the 2004 ‘American Idol’ title, Barrino wrote a memoir, starred in a Lifetime movie based on the book, released two albums and starred in the Broadway production of ‘The Color Purple.’

Paula Cook alleges that the singer treated her husband to a lavish lifestyle over the course of their affair, flying him to hot spots such as Atlanta, Miami, New York Los Angeles and Barbados.

And their escapades have been well documented; the pair reportedly “have at times recorded their illicit sexual activity,” the documents allege.

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  • Laura

    When it comes to celebrities I mind my own business about their personal life because it’s just that, personal. Everyone forms opinions off of random media blurbs. (and that’s exactly what many of them are, they are rarely based on any form of actual fact). You are not these people and you don’t know the half of what happened in these situations. How would you like if everyone analyzed and judge every aspect of your life. Besides everyone is so hypocritical. Lauryn Hill was accused of the same thing. She has five children with a married man who was separated from his wife however she’s praised whenever an article is written about her.

  • *Sigh* A lot of women, obviously Fantasia included, put TOO much effort into a man that’s not even 100%. I’m talking in terms of his cleaning up of one relaitonship b4 stepping into another. Court docs show he WAS separated. However, it ain’t ova until the ink dries on the divorce decree. She set herself up for heartache & career suicide over somebody that IMHO wasn’t even worth it. Now she done attempted suicide b/c he “allegedly” dumped her to get back with his wife. This smells like a Get$$$Setup orchestrated by Antuan & his WIFE.

    So……. ladies if a man tells you he’s separated tell him so are you until the ink dries on the divorce decree. Fantasia barely knew this man for a year & look where it’s taken her. UNDER the Gutter. *Kissteeth* Putting some man before the needs of your child is all too common. Hope she learns to love herself b/c she’ll be another BlackGirlLost :(


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  • cherbear

    Oh boy. I guess you can take the girl outta the ghetto, but you can’t take the ghetto outta the girl.

    I hope the tape is a fraud. Fantasia can do so much better too. Come on girl, think before you get with T-moblie man.

    So many celebraties do this stuff anyway. These people are sick in the head anyway.