From Black Voices — Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha took a trip recently to Spain.  Apparently, that now makes them elitist, according to some conservative bloggers and commentators.  For some reason, people have a problem with seeing the Obamas living the lifestyle of presidential figures.  The Bush family took a multitude of vacations during W.’s time as president, and conservatives didn’t seem to have much to say.  In fact, Bush set a record for the number of vacation days taken by a sitting president.

Some conservatives have tried to link the Obamas’ vacation spending to the national debt and taxpayer dollars.  When it comes to Michelle Obama and her travel habits, an extra $100,000 in security costs are meaningless when compared with a $10 trillion deficit—or the $700 billion in tax breaks Republicans want to give to the rich. In addition, it has been established that the Obamas paid for all their personal expenses, and that the lavish hotel was recommended by the Secret Service because it could be more easily protected.  To top it all off, Michelle went on this trip to comfort a friend who was mourning the death of her father.  She was attacked for spending her own money to help a friend.

Why is this?

For starters, the attacks seem to represent politics at its finest.  The Republican Party has been very good at attacking the Democrats on even the tiniest issues, and the attacks work quite well when mobilizing their base.  But have the Obamas also earned the ire of many Republicans because they don’t know their place?

In workplaces across America, many African Americans are extremely conscious about what they drive to work, where they live, and what they wear.  Much of the anxiety is due to their concerns that White coworkers may become jealous or resentful of Blacks who have more than some Whites think African Americans should.

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  • sunandsand

    I have a question- What do african americans care if non-blacks are jealous of Michelle Obama traveling, and the rest of us for that matter? Let them stomp their feet, talk all they want, and roll their eyes until they fall out of their faces. They can attach as many tea bags to their hats as they would like. Obama is still the president, and Michelle is still his wife. They will still be in the white house, and they will still be looking good and so will their kids. I hope Michelle goes on another trip and some of them drop dead of heart attacks and strokes. I hope some of the tea baggers throw themselves into boiling water and finally give those tea bags they like to wear some good use. Black folks- we finally are getting a turn. It’s really important for us to enjoy our turn now that it is here. The Obamas aren’t perfect, but they aren’t embarrassing us. In fact, they represent very well, and Michelle represented in Spain to perfection. Let’s enjoy it and be proud. I can’t wait to see what she is wearing this fall, and what she has the kids wearing.

  • Speaking The Truth

    They hate Michelle because she is a Black woman. It is as simple as that. And since she is a rich, prominent Black woman, that makes them seeth with even more hatred for her.

    Stupid, racist pigs.

    I love our first lady, and I hope she just ignores all of the racist garbage hurled at her and her family. I wish her, the girls, and our president the best.

  • ben

    White people do not like to see black succesfull people if you do not believe try and wear jeans and dirty shirt you could almost see their am better than you and I feel sorry for you or the oh I better hang on to hand bag or else. And then wear something expensive like a nice suit/shoes etc you would see them thinking you must be a musician, a sports person or a succesful mugger. You can’t help but laugh in your head we have been living in the western world for centuries and you feel these guys live in the dark ages if Tiger woods was to dress down and go on the busy train you would see white women clutching their bags. I am educated and middle class and I got one policy I do not give white people the time at all just ignore them let them roll their eyes huff and puff hey I took a lot of shit making my money with no promotion prospects I refuse to then let some low life look down at me whilst I enjoy the fruits of my hard earn labour.

    Ask yourself if you are white and succesfull why would you look down at someone just because they are black it only goes to show that that white person is narrow minded and is not worth even acknowledging. We have been taking as slaves working for no pay and then hanged just for being at the wrong place at the wrong time I mean if you think about what the white people have done to us you just feel like screaming at them to go to blazes. Why should the Obama’s not enjoy themselves they see a black mugger yep they roll their eyes and say kill em all and then a black president and his family is enjoying themselves whilst trying to clear the mess of the white man i.e. George Bush they still rolls their eyes what do they want for the Obamas not to go out of the white house I say to blazes with the low lifes. Do something worth while with your miserable white lifes.

    If I was white I would forever be having a smile on my face but then again this low lifes are proof that being white is no big deal they are still sad so and so with all their power. Think about it, if you control a large estate like the world why would you roll your eyes at someone beneath you it is because you are low life and sad nothing would ever make you happy. Maybe you should let us rule the world and we would show you how to enjoy life. With all the descrimination we managed to produces some of the best people in music, sports, science and other notable professions I say get a life and live your lifes, you only have the one, live it, you low lifes.