From Black Voices — Michelle Obama and her daughter Sasha took a trip recently to Spain.  Apparently, that now makes them elitist, according to some conservative bloggers and commentators.  For some reason, people have a problem with seeing the Obamas living the lifestyle of presidential figures.  The Bush family took a multitude of vacations during W.’s time as president, and conservatives didn’t seem to have much to say.  In fact, Bush set a record for the number of vacation days taken by a sitting president.

Some conservatives have tried to link the Obamas’ vacation spending to the national debt and taxpayer dollars.  When it comes to Michelle Obama and her travel habits, an extra $100,000 in security costs are meaningless when compared with a $10 trillion deficit—or the $700 billion in tax breaks Republicans want to give to the rich. In addition, it has been established that the Obamas paid for all their personal expenses, and that the lavish hotel was recommended by the Secret Service because it could be more easily protected.  To top it all off, Michelle went on this trip to comfort a friend who was mourning the death of her father.  She was attacked for spending her own money to help a friend.

Why is this?

For starters, the attacks seem to represent politics at its finest.  The Republican Party has been very good at attacking the Democrats on even the tiniest issues, and the attacks work quite well when mobilizing their base.  But have the Obamas also earned the ire of many Republicans because they don’t know their place?

In workplaces across America, many African Americans are extremely conscious about what they drive to work, where they live, and what they wear.  Much of the anxiety is due to their concerns that White coworkers may become jealous or resentful of Blacks who have more than some Whites think African Americans should.

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  • Avec Chic

    You know what, enough is enough~! We have just as much if not more as the next man. I am not and will not apologize for the accomplishments that we have made as a people. Why can’t we drive our Benz or wear our Chanel to work if we choose to? Why should we dumb ourselves down and make other people feel comfortable around us? Since when have white people accommodated us?! ENOUGH IS ENOUGH~! Take as many damn vacations as you please, spend YOUR money that YOU earned and tell the rest to kiss your HMPH~!

    • Lish

      Co-Sign…they even jacked up our way of thinking because if we see people of color with money we give the side eye like what do YOU do for a living. Sad but true…you see they say slavery is over…and the physical presence of it is over…but there are times when are mental is somewhat skewed. Our issues are complex but lets just make the most of our lives because we deserve the right to live and do so in comfort just like everyone else!

  • Alexandra

    A few weeks ago, the NY Daily News called her a modern day “Marie Antoinette” ??!!!
    I dont know about the whole racial thing, but times are changing and a lot of blacks dont have the same wealth as whites. So society is still getting used to seeing rich black people….And this is also the first ‘black’ first lady. Society isn’t used to that either..

    I dont care for the race thing. The answer is already there….

    • Akai*.

      That’s why the Daily News is a trash rag more suitable for house-training puppies.

      Anyone who truly knows anything about Marie Antoinette (sluttish, gambler, disloyal), or savvy enough to be aware that the FLOTUS includes GAP, J Crew etc. in her wardrobe – would never have written anything every remotely as stupid and nonsensical.

  • Akai*.

    Oh so there are no ‘hood AAs jealous of more affluent AAs, trailer dwelling whites jealous of wealthier whites, Latinos in the barrios jealous of rich Latinos?

    Pshh! “Envy” is one of the Seven Deadlies!

    There’s a bit of a distinction regarding old money vs. new money but…trust…either that truly has it like that could care less what anyone thinks or feels about it.

    Anyway, it’s one thing to have billions in “buying power” but the question is how much of that is spent being ostentatious and mere consumers?

    Nice cars are fine but when merely for show, one is almost starving to make the payments, and it’s parked in front of a spot where the upkeep is not maintained or improvements made to protect an investment, how wise is that? Rolls are the bomb but if one doesn’t own the home with the garage under which it’s parked they’re trying to floss, living beyond their means and a fool. Nothing wrong with nice vacations, dining at wonderful restaurants, and being dressed in ‘names’ from top to bottom but there’s a lot wrong when in credit card debt up to the eyeballs to finance it and barely capable of making minimum payments. Etc. etc. etc.

    • Beef Bacon

      You said it! I prepare consumer bankruptcies and boy oh boy, being in this field has taught me a lot of financial intelligence.

      It is unwise to purchase any liability without the assets to cover them. We as a community also need to learn to live BELOW our means in order to free up funds for investments. If your monthly bills are more than you bring in monthly, eventually you will be in trouble. God forbid you get behind due to illness, pregnancy, etc.; how will a person with only wages living check to check get out of the hole?

      My financial goal is to have enough assets created income so that I do not have to rely on wages to live.

      Robert Kiyosaki made sense when he wrote in Rich Dad Poor Dad that a house is not necessarily an asset, but more so a liability. An asset CREATES INCOME. Houses that you live in do not, and even if you get a second mortgage or equity line of credit, you still have to pay all that back plus interest. Your house may only create income when you sell; and even that depends on the condition of the market.

      There are so many financial myths being learned that people were willing to go out and purchase homes with CRAZY interest rates, just to feel a part of the ‘American dream ‘. All to lose those same ‘dreams’ to foreclosure later.

      I have also learned since doing bankruptcies that people rarely KNOW THEIR RIGHTS and are ashamed of seeking the very help that is promised in the constitution.

  • i wonder- when hurricane katrina hit George Bush was on vacation… which he did NOT immediately return from. in the midst of a natural disaster that decimated the second busiest port in the country after the port of new york city. you think BUSH gave a damn about the economy OR those people? but Michelle Obama is a ‘modern-day Marie Antoinette?’

    makes me sick

    • Sasa

      Co-sign! CHURCH! Amen… and so on and so forth…

      You’ve summed up everything I was thinking when I read this article perfectly.

  • Mandy

    yeupp there just jealous of her.They can never some up to how a wonderful person Michelle Obama is and clearly she is my role model