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  • Crystal

    Though I am so tired of all the “he done me wrong” sad love songs, I did like this song and video. It even made me chuckle, I remember when my cousin had a Gumby haircut!!!

  • Serenity

    There was just too much going on in this song and video for me. Maybe it’ll eventually grow on me though, but I won’t be looking to put this on my MP3 player no time soon.

  • ebwriter

    I love this song! I can definitely relate to it. Thank goodness, I finally got a clue and left a bad relationship behind. Because I am now in a relationship that is better for me.

  • LJC

    Nice product placement for Nuvo.

  • Damn, did Nuvo pay for the WHOLE video????? That was distracting. I love Jaz, this isn’t my favorite song of hers, but I still Hold Her Down!

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