This has got to be the tease of the year. Lauryn Hill has been performing everywhere from Africa to Portugal sporting a fresh new look–ironically reminiscent of Badu’s braids circa “Love of My Life.” But we love it on L-Boogie too!

Reportedly 40,00 fans were in attendance for Hill’s performance on Saturday, July 31. Estelle also hit the stage for the free concert celebrating the 100th anniversary of the Portuguese Republic.

The 35-year-old singer/actress performed hits from her “Miseducation of Lauryn Hill” album and classics from the Fugees like “Ready or Not” and “Fu-Gee-La.”

Ok, Ms. Hill, if there isn’t a new album announcement by the end of the year, they’ll really be some “Repercussions.” #justsayin.

Check out Lauryn’s latest performance? Share your thoughts!

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  • she looks gorgeous… loving the braids

  • omg. love it. i love it sooo much.

    please be coming back, lauryn!

  • Fox

    Seems like most of her performances are sped up. Still sounds great though. Glad to hear her voice!

  • Lauryn NEEDS tameka foster back so bad it aint funny. Stars – Stylist = fashion fiasco!

  • makedakaluwa

    L-Boogie is tha shyt! NO female who has been and currently is in the game can surpass her, even if she doesn’t have an album out. Sistah girl is deep. I’m really happy to see her doing good. The Prophetess is back!