Not long after Wyclef Jean officially filed papers to run for president of Haiti, Pras, his former Fugees bandmate and cousin announced he’s supporting a different candidate.

Pras, also originally from Haiti says,

“I endorse Michel Martell as the next president of Haiti because he is the most competent candidate for the job.”

Reportedly Wyclef Jean is counting on New York City to back him for his run. The city has one of the largest Haitian populations outside of the nation itself.

Wyclef tells the New York Daily News, “We need to be three million strong. Diaspora moving together to engage in help to get these people into a better situation.”

According to the report some Haitian-Americans aren’t buying it. Yyon Olivier, a resident from the Flatbush community in Brooklyn–a strong Haitian immigrant population said, “Wyclef is a musician. He’s not fit for the job. It’s like taking an engineer and putting him in a hospital.”

Pras’ refusal to support Wyclef– like some other Haiti-Americans shouldn’t come at a surprise. It’s no secret the two share a history of beef. In 2005, Wyclef was once quoted stating Pras was the “Milli Vanilli of hip hop.” The rapper-producer has a song called “Fake Ass Pras.” Some of the song’s lyrics include, “The fans want the Fugees back together/ The only thing they don’t want is the third member/ …Yeah, I seen your movie, son/ It made my stomach turn/ … I’mma drop you harder than Sony did.”

Seems Pras however, always opted for the high road. Commenting on Wyclef’s remarks, Pras once said, “I’m in the studio enhancing my career, and not making a pathetic attempt at destroying someone else’s.”

In 2004, the two seemed friendly when they reunited on stage with Lauryn Hill for the first time in seven years at a live taping of Dave Chappelle’s “Block Party” in Brooklyn, New York, and shortly after at the 2005 “BET Awards” as the popular show’s surprise opening act.

But does beef really end? Is Pras’ decision not to support his own cousin and longtime group-mate for president of their homeland the ultimate diss?

Is Pras being logical or hateful? You decide!

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  • Blue

    I am not from Haiti but I was there after the earthquake to help with the cleanup. I am pretty disapointed by what I am reading in this forum. First of all, after the earthquake, no one did more for the people of Haiti than Wyclef. This is a man who is well acomplished. He is giving up a life of luxury in the United States to try to become the president of one of the poorest and most troubled country in the world and all you guys can do his bash him…wow!

    Being a president is not Rocket science, Presidents appoint cabinet members made up of the brightest people in the country who advice him or her on policy, government and the economy. The experience argument is flawed. Mandela had no experience governing until he bacame president

    The only reason Pras came out openly was because he was trying to get back at Wyclef. I find his behavior quite shameful. He might have cost Haiti a chance to have a president who could have made a different. I guess Baby doc had a lot of experience