Lyfe Jennings is talking again. This time the singer and songwriter took to the Angela Yee show revealing he proposed to a woman once giving her a $100,000 engagement ring from Tiffany’s, and now that the bets are off, the wants his ring back.

The 37 year-old artist recently paid off the ring in December and says the woman refuses to return it. Jennings reveals when he asked his ex for the ring back she said no and that she earned the ring.

So, ladies, when the nuptials are called off and you’re returning that wedding dress, should you return the ring as well?

Do women have the right to keep an engagement ring when she’s no longer with the man?

Listen to Lyfe explain his sticky situation:

How do you feel about Lyfe’s dilemma. Do you think he’s entitled to the ring? Or like his former fiance said, she put in the work to earn the expensive ring so it should be hers to keep.

Sound off!

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  • curious

    how do you “earn” an engagement ring?

  • Who recycles engagement rings o_O!!! Yes its given with the intent to marry but who the hell asks for rings back in the 1st place if the person didn’t intially say no… & he has the nerve to be calling people tacky smh. If she wants to give the ring back fine if not fine u should’nt ask for it back in my opinion! When I called my engagement off a year later after saying yes he never once asked for the ring back maybe because we weren’t on bad terms or for whatever reason & I respect him for that. My relationship with him was 1 of my happiest & didn’t end bad but I did give the ring back anyway & a few days later he mailed it back to me saying it belonged to me w/no strings attached… I don’t wear it but yes I still have it

  • Beef Bacon

    No matter who calls if off, GIVE IT BACK LADIES. It shows that you are the bigger person. Besides, have enough dignity to know when it’s over. Yeah, the ring is worth 100k, and maybe selling it would make you happy after a broken engagement. However, is 100k worth dealing with the hassle? No.

    Give it back and move on.

  • Engagement ring you have to give back, but not a wedding ring after divorce.

  • Tamara

    If the lady is the one who canceled the engagement than she is obligated if nothing other than a moral obligation to return said ring. However if the gent caneled the engagement the lady doe not LEGALLY have to return it (I believe that is in all if not most states- the law)