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  • Crystal

    Same old, Same old. Tank looks sexxxy as usual though!!!

  • BritDefine

    I agree with you Crystal…I heard this song so many freaking times already!!! Bring back real music somebody please!!!!
    But TANK, mmmm…That man is too Sexy. When God made him, he was just showing out!

  • Loquacious

    Damn, what happen to love? This sex music is played out.

    • Snickerz

      COSIGN hunny

    • Penny

      i agree 100000 percent. Nothing wrong with a hot song but it has to be more to it than the same ol sex me to death music. Real music doesn’t seem to get any real play….so call your station and request it. ((Tank is yummy though. mmmm mmmm))

  • I’m tired of auto-tune. Let T-Pain have his style back!