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  • @Marissa Y does a women have to wear or only look flattering in form fitting attire??? o_O

    • I agree. One does not need tight fitting attire to look attractive. Anyway, the beauty of this look lies in its simplicity.

    • teej


      that’s not what marissa said. figure flattering is NOT the same as form fitting. i don’t even understand how that got confused…

      anyway. i thought this was aiight. she has a long, lean body, so when i saw the pic, i thought, wow, she could sure use some hips to make the dress pop more…or she could just wear something more suitable for her long, lean figure next time (enter: marissa’s figure flattering comment).

      this looks like a white sheet with a cheap, ugly belt. but she’s mad beautiful. also, did she perm her hair? i love-did her natural!!