When I first saw the ad campaign for Deréon’s Fall 2010 collection, my initial thought was “Sasha is doing the most, per usual.” Don’t get me wrong, I actually love the grungy pin-up/ biker girl look—buckled boots, blond beehive, motorcycle and all. But for the sake of advertising the line, I felt that the styling—and especially all those faux tattoos—took away from the should-be focal point—the clothing.

Well, we recently learned that Bey’s ink was not without purpose and that it actually gave us a preview of her next project. Beyoncé and Deréon have teamed up with airbrush cosmetics brand Temptu to create a limited edition line of temporary tattoos. The transfer sheets will include such designs as the brand’s signature fleur icon, bolts, chains, jewel baubles, and spiders.

The basic kits will be sold at Sephora for $16, but the “Deluxe” kit—which includes a signed photo of Beyoncé, and a chance to win a photo shoot in NYC—is priced at $34 and will only be available through both brands’ (Temptu and Deréon’s) websites. There are only 500 pieces being sold and would you believe there’s a waiting list for them?! No, seriously, there is. [Evidence]

This may sound silly to some, but it’s been done before. And successfully, at that. Chanel’s fake tats were a hit, and Louis Vuitton dabbled with the idea, too. Now, even Betsey Johnson is following suit . . .

Are you buying it?

– Chelsea Smith

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