The BVX – A reunited Cam’ron and Jim Jones take shots at Kanye West over his “Runaway” beat with the song “Toast,” but is this just a case hip-hop bullying and attention-seeking?

Remember those bullies in junior high school who used to ruin anything fun? You know, those two guys who weren’t really good at anything so they had to make everyone’s lives miserable to keep themselves entertained. That’s Cam’ron and Jim Jones. The recently reconciled Diplomats have made it a point to announce their comeback in the loudest, most obnoxious way possible — with a diss record.

While hip-hop has been busy playing a nice, quiet game of kickball in its fashionable outfits and friendly raps, here comes Jimmy and Cam to kick the ball into the freeway while laughing as kids in skinny jeans cry with their diss record ‘Toast.’

And this isn’t one of those thinly veiled jabs that some rappers make. The duo hijack the beat to Kanye’s ‘Runaway’ with all the intentions to make sure Kanye and the world hears it — and they dare him to say something about it.

“Kanye you a sucka n-gga/Dissed Dame, so my attitude is f*ck the n-gga/Stuck to Jigga. How you gon’ live with that? Took your beat, now come get it back,” says Cam’ron.

Make no bones about it, this is Cam and Jimmy’s way to make noise the best way they know how. If these two aren’t the biggest troublemakers in hip hop, I don’t know who is. They already dislike Jay-Z, so taking a shot at the little brother Kanye West is a no-brainer.

At the beginning of “Toast” Jim Jones taunts “Some people might get offended and we ain’t trying to ruffle no feathers but you n-ggas ain’t going to do sh*-.” The sad thing is that he’s right. The fact of the matter is that they both know that Kanye isn’t going to say anything back.

If you asked Jim Jones why they dissed Kanye, the answer would most certainly be “Why not?” They are going to beat up on Kanye like a punching bag and hope he responds so they can make his life a living hell.

It’s kind of like Jimmy and Cam are Joey Caruso from ‘Everybody Hates Chris’ who routinely picks on Chris out of habit rather than any reason in particular.

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