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  • Lilyanna

    I don’t understand when it became about the girl if you really know music you will know that the song is truly about him becoming a better man but ya so focus on what is not important like how the girl looks that you take away from what means so much and that is wha all women want a good man donell wrote this song because that is truly his story if your a true fan you will know this he will tell you him self he talks to all his fans on twitter but then a again we live in a world full of hate so without ya they wouldn’t be as strong so fuck it somebody always got something to say about someone in tha game but that has not stopped there game lol I just would really love to know how you look to all the haters only cuz cause when u have something negative to say bout another woman it makes me wonder how ugly you are lmao but to what it important I’m so happy donell has finally came back out love songs all day real music is back been a true fan since day 1 love you donell!