The Eddie Long controversy gets thicker and thicker. One of the young men accusing the Atlanta megachurch pastor of forcing him into sex relations spoke out in a recent TV interview.

Jamal Parris tells the Atlanta local Fox news station WAGA that he still has love for Eddie Long. “I loved him and I’m always going to have love for the things he taught us, but how he left us hurt worse than anything I ever felt in my life.”

The first to publicly speak out, Parris is one of four men currently suing the pastor of New Birth Missionary Baptist Church in a state court with claims that Long abused his “spiritual authority” when they were teenagers by giving them lavish gifts like cars, trips, and cash to lure them into a sexual relationship.

Parris was reluctant to speak at first when approached by a reporter outside a store in Colorado. He then revealed that Long is a predator who exploited his dreams for a father figure in exchange for sexual favors.

The young man says, “This man turned his back on us when he had no more need for us,” Parris tells Fox. “That’s not a father, that’s a predator.”

Parris continues stating that he can’t forget the sound of Long’s voice, and the smell of his cologne.

“I cannot forget the way he made me cry many nights when I drove in his cars on the way home. I’m not able to take enough showers to wipe the smell of him off my body.”

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  • a very well spoken young man. what plays over and over in my head are these words. “you are not a man. you are a monster.”

    i don’t know what happened between long and these four men. i can say something out of the ordinary occurred. the bathroom pics, the trips and hotel documents where he registered as ‘dick tracey long’. that’s all suspect and sick.

    the members of his church hooping it up on last sunday were a grim reminder of how people get lost in religion by failing to follow christ to follow the preacher

    • steph302


  • EmpressDivine

    My comment is not really related to the substance of the article just the video. Is it just me or did the newslady look extra salty towards the end when they were discussing the video?? I just thought it was a lil funny. *dips out*

    • Crystal

      I’m from Atlanta, that woman has been doing the news for a long time, she always looks like that.

  • sloane

    good god. i feel so sorry for those kids. he took advantage of their need for a father figure and used that to trick them into bed and discarded them when he got bored with them. how come this jackass can’t admit what he did, resign from his post and take responsibility for hurting these young men?

  • oma

    bishop eddie long reminds me of an occult leader, which has brain wash the minds of the people in his congregations. when he vaguely address the accustion against him the people in the santuary cheered and shouted for him. they had no regard for the children who may have suffered at the hands of a pedophile. it a new spin to an occult. the bible says in the last days even the most elite will be fooled. as in Long membership, he has all the rich and famous and so call brilliant minds attending new birth church. but one thing for sure they are not able to recognize that they are being control by an occult leader cause in their minds they are too smart for such foolishness. new birth reminds me of the new jonestown. if eddie long tell them god said to follow him to the grave they will do it. they will kill themselves because he said so. for many years they have look the other way even though rumors was that he was involve with the boys of longfellow. and they will continue to look the other way and alllow the children in new birth to be rape by this sexual predator