From The Grio –By  Imani J. Walker I’m not going to say I’m surprised. I just didn’t expect the latest news from Wyclef Jean’s camp to read so cold and detached. The tagline “Wyclef Leaves Haiti Politics to Promote New Album” is not exactly a surprise. After all, Wyclef is a musician. I still couldn’t help but feel that my initial impression, that Wyclef’s presidential candidacy if successful would at least bring attention to this earthquake-ravaged nation, had died as quickly as it had come to fruition.

Let’s backtrack a bit. Wasn’t Wyclef the same person who released song “Pou Kepa”, recorded entirely in Creole, as a protest to his not being allowed to run for president in his native Haiti less than one month ago? (It’s actually a great song by the way). And wasn’t this the same person who blasted his critics, namely Sean Penn, for his accusation that Wyclef had less in common with Haitians he claimed to have helped after the catastrophe and those he intended on helping by hoping to become their president? Yes, it was.

So now that Wyclef has decided to return back to what he is known for best, what should we all make of his desire for political leadership? Something tells me that “Pou Kepa” will not only be making an appearance on his new album but that he may use this opportunity to increase his presence and critique of Haiti’s government to angle himself for another Haitian presidential bid in four years. This would certainly be commendable.

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