Jill Scott has never been one to hesitate with new hair styles. Since she’s been on the scene we’ve watched her rock a natural fro, locs, twist-outs, braids, a head wrap, and even extensions from time-to-time—and she makes them all look good! On several different occasions Jill’s hair has stolen the show at a major event; such was the case when she donned this half-cornrowed style to the premiere of “Why Did I Get Married Too?” We were able to catch up with natural hair care specialist and celebrity stylist Felicia Leatherwood, who’s masterminded many of Scott’s signature styles over the past few years. Read on as she gives us the full step-by-step on how she achieved the look that night.

Tools: 1 Detangling Comb, 1 Rat-Tail Comb and 2 Metal Hair Clips, Black and Gold Synthetic Hair & Bohyme Human Hair, Spray Bottle

Step 1: After washing and conditioning, Felicia puts LRC’s Leave-in Conditioner ($18.90) mixed with a few drops of LRC’s Hair Polish Serum ($22.80) on Jill Scott’s hair to seal the moisture, strengthen the hair, and help with frizz control. Felicia then blows the hair out with a 1875 watt blow dryer.

Step 2: Section hair a little dramatically on an angle from front to back, going in an S pattern. Clip one whole side of hair away from the side where you will be doing your braid pattern.

Step 3: Start your cornrow design on one side of the head by parting each row on an angle, using the rat-tail comb. Place a small amount of Ubora ($6.99, Local Beauty Supply) hair styling gel on the front edge of hairline to smooth down loose hairs before starting the cornrow design.

Step 4: Use a small amount of Synthetic hair to support the cornrows, so that the natural hair is protected. After completing one side of the head with the cornrow design of your choice, join all of the braids into one braid that follows the S parting down the middle of the head from front to back.

Step 5: After completing one side of the head with the cornrow design, Felicia works on the side that has been parted away. Felicia starts around the ear with one continuous braid that winds around the one side of head from front to back.

Step 6: All loose braids are secured down with hair thread, so that the cornrows are flat to the head.

Step 7: Felicia sews Bohyme Human Hair on the side of the head with the one continuous braid. She follows the pattern of the braid until the one side is complete, leaving the cornrow designs exposed.

Step 8: Once human hair sewing has been completed on the one side, Felicia then cuts and shapes the Bohyme hair, giving it volume.

Step 9: Mixed Chicks Leave-in Conditioner mixed with a 2-1 ratio of water is sprayed only on the Bohyme hair to give it more texture and wave pattern.

Step 10: Lastly Felicia sprays LRC’s Bling luster shine and hair quencher on the whole head. And there you have it. Felicia says that you can get 3 hairstyles out of this one hair style . . . enjoy!

For More Information about Felicia M. Leatherwood and her hair workshops please visit her Facebook page — Loving Your Hair with Natural Care Workshop!

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