Omarion hit New York Fashion Week with a vengeance. The former B2K lead singer showed up to U.S. Weekly’s “Top 25 Most Stylish New Yorkers” party and, most recently, in the front row at Gwen Sefani’s L.A.M.B. Spring 2011 runway show. The singer-dancer appears to have kicked his style game into high gear. But, to many of us, it seems Omarion has taken direct cues from Kanye West’s style.

Kanye West has been donning his new favorite look, a red suit with a skinny trouser fit, on more than one occasion. The rapper and producer wore it during his MTV “Video Music Awards” closing performance, and most recently in New York City at the Yankee stadium for a performance with Jay Z. Yezzy was even audacious enough to pair a cheetah-print tank during his performance with Hov. The new Twitter star receives a pass from the men and women in his unyielding fan base, stating, “It’s Kanye, he can get away with that!” Ummm . . . but what is Omarion doing, or trying to do? Most folks, from blog readers to girls on the train, ain’t having it.

Over at our girl Necole Bitchie, commenters on Omarion’s latest fits had some fascinating bits to share. “In the words of Ochocinco (another confused metro/bi-sexual) ‘Chile Please!’ ” Another reader shared, “First the suitcase, now you stole Mr. Bentley’s clothes right off his body??? OMARION stop it right now.” And the homosexual references continued, “Two snaps for the kids. I see u, O!”

Perhaps a new album is on the rise for Omarion. Maybe this could explain his new look. But the real question is, would you allow your man to dress like Kanye West and Omarion? Can straight men be too fashionable? Why is it okay for homosexual men to express themselves with no limits, and straight men must subscribe to the button-down and jeans look?

How do you feel about this ladies? Sound off!

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