In a recently released YouTube video, television host La La Vasquez and singer-dancer Ciara offer uplifting and encouraging words to gay youth in high school.

The BFFs partner to send a message that, “it does get better.” “If you’re gay, bi-sexual, transgender, I know it can be tough in high school, and people may not understand who you are. We wanna let you know that things do get better,” advises La La. Ciara chimes in saying, “Your life is in your hands, you determine your destiny.”

La La and Ciara remind their fans in the gay community that they love them and will keep them in prayer.

This is an awesome example of celebrity. We hope more stars will follow suit sending their encouragement to gay youth who may be experiencing difficulty in high school and beyond.

What do you think about La La and Ciara’s video? Do you think more celebs should follow suit? Sound off!

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  • I never thought much of La La or Ciara, I’ve always been indifferent but I thought it was very endearing to see them put out this message to gay youth :) I don’t see many celebrities (other than out LGBT celebrities) paying attention to issues that gay youth face (but I also don’t have a television/cable). Nonetheless, bravo to them!

  • mina

    I think that’s great! However those vinyl fur-trimmed LV bags need to be throw in a fire.

  • King Jason

    I think it was a cool thing for them to do, gay youth of color don’t really have a lot of folks to identify with/look up to.

  • sloane

    wow. they are actually doing something usefull with themselves by encouraging gay kids and giving them celebrities to identify with.

  • I think that is beautiful. Unfortunately those words will mean more coming from them than it would coming from a counselor to some youth.