After her anticipated “Rock The Bells” performance, Lauryn Hill sat down with Toure for Fuze TV explaining why she was ghost for so long in the public eye. Lauryn says that parenting and being a stay-at-mom was one of the main reasons. “I wanted the real life as well. You know, out of public scrutiny. I wanted to be able to live, reclaim my private life, to reclaim my individuality.” The popular singer says she wanted the freedom and now she’s ready to express herself again.

Lauryn further explains that she never did music for the attention. But now she’s ready to make her own space again. On her new album, Lauryn says, “We’ll see.”

The challenge of course for the “Miseducation” singer is to release the album with no label politics.

Are you ready for Lauryn Hill? We are!

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  • OMG! I am so super excited about the forthcoming of a new Lauryn Hill CD! CAN NOT WAIT! I really hope that she brings it. Music has for too long being caught up in the superficial and tangible instead of dealing with the truth and substance.

  • Monique

    I love Lauryn she is a with a person with fabulous spirit and heart.

    • Monique

      Sorry for the typo (too fast on the keyboard) I love Lauryn she is a person with fabulous spirit and heart.

  • Dee

    She doesn’t seem happy…everything seems forced. Anyway, I wish her well and hope she comes back soon!!

  • @Leila Lee Your post is expresses exactly how I feel about all the Lauryn Hill followers, groupies and Stans. Yes, the woman has talent and created one of the most played albums, dare I say over played. If she releases new material great, if she doesn’t, I’ll still listen to the old stuff. Let the her live her life because she doesn’t owe us anything.

  • It’d be cool if she did come out with a new CD!