Pomp, pomp, pomp it UP!

Pompadours are no recent trend; since as early on as the 18th Century, men and women alike have been adding that extra oomph to the top of their ‘dos. From legendary icons like Elvis Presley to modern day trendsetters such as the Noisette’s front-runner Shingai Shoniwa, pompadours have proven to be a funky style that can be achieved by all ages, genders, and hair textures.

When Beyonce unveiled her alter-ego (ie. Freak-nasty side *giggles*) Sasha Fierce, the pompadour came right along for the ride. All the Single Ladies! And since we first heard of the super-talented and gorgeously androgynous Janelle Monae, the pompadour has been her ride-or-die hairstyle. You got ta tip on the tight rope!

I’ve heard the style referred to by a few different (and equally hilarious) nicknames. My aunt refers to hers as a “hot pocket”. Myself and a few others jokingly call it the “My Little Pony” (Which, by the way, is not necessarily an insult! Pony was fly). You’ve got the “Snooki”, and finally . . . the “poof”. Whatever you decide to call it, I think the pompadour is a fun and classic style that, if executed properly, can spunk up your everyday look. What are your feelings, ladies?

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  • AJ

    I def love it, been rocking mine for 5 years strong

  • Shawna

    I must say that I love this style for short hair in the back and longer in the front. I find that it works for me, and it adds an extra layer to my overall style.

  • Alexandra

    I think they’re cute. When I was in HS a lot of girls started doing that style.
    Whether with relaxed hair, weave or box braids. They all did it.

    I think if I ever tried to style my hair like that, I would prefer a smaller pomp than the ones I see in the pics.

  • Interested

    I really think Black women should shy away from androgynous/not 100% associated with female hairstyles. Just my opinion. The femininity of Black women & girls is always being mocked, doubted, attacked etc. No need to give them ammunition.