According to a new study by researchers at University of Michigan and Marquette University, college-age women who live with “heavier” roommates are less likely to gain weight. Quite the interesting bit of information. Guess all college freshman will swap out their size-4 roomie for a plus-size whopper-eater. This is just hilarious. The study of course accompanies news that America is, yet again, the most overweight developed nation.

The research reveals that average freshman females gain between 2.5 and 6 pounds. Many of us of in college or post-undergrad are all too familiar with the legendary freshman 15 or 20. The study shows that students with “heavy” roommates gained less weight than the average, normal, new college student. This newly released data actually contradicts research showing that people who are related to, or are friends with, overweight people are likely to be overweight as well.

Now ladies, before you raise your chopping sword in the comment section, bear in mind that this was a small study with 144 participants, predominately from Michigan’s Marquette University. Funny that this even made the news. But we had to have an early evening chuckle.

The researchers warn that this is a preliminary study, and that they want to expand their testing pool. Still, the researchers maintain their hypothesis, finding that there is social and peer influence on body weight. While former studies show links between obese people having obese friends, one of the researchers says the effect could be because people tend to be drawn to people who share similar features and perspective. Guess that in this study’s case, you don’t really have to be your roommate’s friend, especially if she’s fat.

Read more on the study at Time.

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