From Black Voices — Straight off the heels of his number one box office movie, ‘Takers,’ Clifford “T.I” Harris, 29, has found himself in trouble with the law, yet again. Instead of gun possession, this time around T.I. and his wife Tameka “Tiny” Cottle-Harris, 36, were arrested and taken into custody for possession of controlled substances. The LA County Sheriff department reports that after recognizing the smell of marijuana in the car, the vehicle was searched and the couple was immediately arrested.

This unfortunate occurrence also comes days after the couple’s July nuptials. T.I.’s repeated run in with the law — just five months after his release from prison — is beyond disappointing. However, his wife Tiny’s involvement appears to be the most unfortunate aspect of the situation. As if she hasn’t already, Tiny proves once again she is the poster child for the term ‘Ride-or-Die Chick.’

The former ‘Xscape’ member has been with Harris through it all. When T.I first started his career and she had to stand in the background, she rode it out. When he became a megastar and she had to deal with ‘groupie’ rumors, she rode it out. Bearing child after child and still being known as the ‘longtime girlfriend,’ indeed she rode that out too. It was Tiny who was in the car when T.I got caught with possessing guns and it was Tiny who did the bid with her man when he was locked up.

But in the end what’s in it for Tiny? Yes, it’s commendable that she’s been able to work things out in her relationship and has stuck by her man, but for what? Ride-or-die chicks are known for doing absolutely anything for their men, where the operative word ‘anything’ is not an exaggeration. These are the types of women that would kill, steal, lie, cook, clean, sleep with — and if necessary like Tiny — go to jail for their man. In fact, proving how much she will do and how unafraid she is to do it becomes the ultimate measure and testament of her love for her partner.

On the second season of her BET reality series, ‘Tiny and Toya’, Tiny revealed that although she would love to revisit her singing her career, T.I hasn’t been supportive about the idea, which begs the question: At what point does being labeled a ride-or-die chick become overrated?

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