Avocados for Healthy Hair
Avocados are not only beneficial to our bodies, providing over 20 essential nutrients which include potassium, fiber and Vitamins A and B, but they can also aid in healthy hair. Avocados, which are fruits, by the way, and not vegetables, have also been called alligator pears because of their shape and skin color. California produces about 90% of the nation’s avocado crop. (Continue Reading…)

Taking Cover
It’s no secret that our favorite glossies recycle the same three or four Black female celebrities. We find Rihanna, Halle and Beyoncé on constant sporadic rotation. We think, “Not again!” But then convince ourselves it’s “progress” because at least we got one cover this month. Don’t get us wrong. We love to see our fellow brown sisters grace these covers. They’re all stunning and talented, so more power to them. But it’s a slap in the face when only this handful of women receives recognition. It’s as if the rest of Black Hollywood isn’t worth noting. A cover is one of the major deciding factors in what makes a magazine sell. So there’s no mystery as to why mags with a predominately White readership select mainly Black celebs who have a “mainstream” or crossover appeal (i.e. White folks know who they are and approve). (Continue Reading…)

Coco & Crème New York Fashion Week S/S 2011 Report
It’s Coco & Crème’s inaugural year, and it was nothing short of amazing to receive invites to view the spring collections of our favorite designers of color. This New York Fashion Week was particularly special. It’s the season’s first year at the prestigious Lincoln Center, and it was an impressive slate of Black designers showing their well sewn garments. Not to mention, loads of Black breakthrough models, like London’s Leomie Anderson, leaving their footprints on the runways. Coco went from the Lincoln Center, to Grand Central Station, to the very studio of the legendary Stephen Burrows, lending our stern sartorial eye to the trends and prominent looks-to-come for spring and summer 2011. (Continue Reading…)

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