From The Grio — Now that Reggie Bush has voluntarily returned his 2005 Heisman Trophy, the winds of honor, integrity and character are about to return to college athletics like manna from heaven and the Morgan State University Choir singing, “Ode to Joy.”

Well, we’re waiting. Any day now, integrity in college sports is about to walk through that door now. Still waiting…waiting.


Bush’s return of the Heisman Trophy has nothing to do with him caring about ethics or trying to restore the good name of the Heisman Trophy or USC, but as I wrote in my last column on this subject, this is nothing but a public relations move on the part of Bush perhaps to keep his endorsements and for all the media scrutiny to die down so he can go on with his life as a millionaire in the NFL .

For all it’s worth, Bush should have just kept an award that he won on the field while USC officials profited off his talents while overlooking the rules in the course of winning national championships and Rose Bowls. It’s the only true thing he actually earned on the field because of his athletic talent.

Considering that schools like USC and the NCAA are raking in millions of bucks for unpaid labor, I guess Bush just wanted a piece of the action, too. And on one level, I’m not mad at him for that because everybody else connected to college sports is filling their pockets along the way.

However, according to NCAA rules an athlete is not eligible for a sport they have “accepted money, transportation or other benefits from an agent or agreed to have an agent market your athletic ability or reputation in that sport.” But it’s okay for a university or the NCAA to earn a huge profit from what you do on the field by selling your jersey or market your image to a video game company.

You definitely hear the NCAA and its member institutions marketing the athletic prowess of its players in the commercials leading up to the broadcasts of college football games: “See Heisman Trophy winner Reggie Bush and the USC Trojans taking on Vince Young and the Texas Longhorns in the Rose Bowl!”

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