From Black Voices — If it seems like you’re getting the cold shoulder at work, that chill you feel may be more than your imagination. Too many people ignore obvious red flags, as well as subtle indications that they may be about to get the axe. Here are 10 warning signs about your job security and your future with your current employer:

1. You’re kept out of the loop:
When senior management starts to put the kibosh on communications with you, take it as a serious threat to your job stability. It usually starts innocently enough, with you not being cc’ed on certain emails or you not being invited to take part in meetings you’d previously attended. When your position is really in jeopardy, you’ll have things slowly (or sometimes quickly) taken away from you, like the company car you’d been driving, access to certain files, or the keys to the executive bathroom.

2. Your performance review is bad/OK:
Getting a good job review, or even a stellar one, is no guarantee you’ll keep pulling in a paycheck. But anytime you get a so-so review, or an awful one, that’s definite cause for alarm. Bosses typically give mediocre performance appraisals to people they don’t plan to keep around.

3. You can’t get a raise:
It’s easy for employers to justify keeping wages down in the current economic environment. Many bosses, in fact, seem to send employees the message that “You should be grateful to just have a job.” Still, savvy workers know that raises and financial perks of all kinds are doled out in good and bad economic climates.

Maybe you’ve gone one year or so without a raise. No problem. But consecutive years without a pay hike? Hello! That spells trouble. Even if your job isn’t on the cutting block, your stagnating wages are a strong indication that your employer doesn’t think much about your overall merit. Start dusting off your resume.

4. Your underlings and co-workers are getting promoted:
Is everyone around you advancing in their careers, but your work seems to go unnoticed? Uh-oh. That’s a huge warning sign that your days may be numbered. No one likes to feel expendable, and unfortunately when you fail to climb the corporate ladder, that’s exactly how many bosses view you: as expendable.

5. A new boss is brought in:
It can often be tricky to read between the lines when a new head honcho takes the helm of your department or when you suddenly have to report to an entirely different supervisor. If the switch was made because your former boss was deemed incompetent, unprofessional or simply unable to get results, the new boss may have little use for you. This is particularly true if you were close with your ex-supervisor and your work or projects are closely linked, or you are perceived as being loyal to the old regime.

In such circumstances, even if you’re perfectly competent and a team player who’s willing to play ball with the new guy, office politics may ultimately do you in.

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