I mean really, who doesn’t love Tar-jayyy?! The mass retailer has slowly risen to power over the last few years, knocking out nearly all of the competition by providing a one-stop-shop for all of your everyday needs. With its vast offerings of everything from cosmetics to clothing, fragrance to shoes and accessories, Target has also long been a fashion and beauty maven’s best kept secret. Too many times I’ve put on a statement necklace, or even a pair of flats, and received rave reviews to the shock of those who could not believe I’d found them for under twenty bucks at my local Target store.

It would be hard to mention the company’s fashionable assortment and on-trend merchandise without giving mention to its regular designer collaborations. In the past, Target has featured affordable selections by such major high-end designers as Anna Sui, Thakoon, Jean Paul Gaultier and even the late Alexander McQueen! Talk about an amazing line-up. Thinking back on previous “________ for Target” collections got our minds going wild here at Coco & Creme: Which designers would we want to collaborate with Target? Hmmm . . .

Here’s a list of 6 Target Collabs We’d Love to See:

Melody Ehsani

What’s a good outfit without banging accessories to boot? Nada. Which is exactly where our girl Melody Ehsani steps in! Her kick-ass accessory line would be the perfect treat for young, hip Target shoppers. We’d rush to the shelves in search of her signature oversized earrings, iced-out chains, multi-finger rings, and more. And don’t let her bring her shoes along for the collab too—because it would really be a wrap then. Her strappy, sky-high stilettos are just what a girl needs to say everything without uttering a single word.

Tracy Reese

One cannot mention successful Black fashion designers (or the apparent lack thereof) without mentioning the HBIC of the game, Tracy Reese. Since launching her line over a decade ago, Reese has continued to receive phenomenal feedback and acclaim for her quality craftsmanship, attention to detail, and refreshing use of color and texture. Her clothes are modern and fun, yet appeal to a broad spectrum of women. We can imagine her Target collection being filled with dainty dresses that transition from day to night with ease; lots of black and charcoal pieces, with unexpected pops of color here and there.

Boxing Kitten

Despite the line drawing much of its inspiration from eras past, there’s something so refreshing and new about Boxing Kitten! Designer Maya Lake utilizes the most amazingly vibrant, printed ankara fabrics to create her line of quirky mix-and-match separates. Each garment features a familiar silhouette that is shown in an eye-catching, multicolor pattern. Surely, her Target spin-off would have the same elements; full skirts, middrift tops, and all-high-waist-everything in the most fantastic kaleidoscopic prints.

Rachel Roy

Rachel Roy is yet another fashion powerhouse who cannot be stopped. Her collections are a true reflection of the designer’s own personal style: sleek and sophisticated, but still very interesting and contemporary. Roy’s clothing speaks of a girl who is career-oriented and always on the go, practical yet experimental, and well-traveled; she fits in wherever she goes, but stands out all in the same breath. Her Target collaboration would probably feature some very form-fitting pant and skirt suits, ultra-feminine sheer tops, and a few dresses for after 5.


As much as we adore No Doubt and its leading lady/wild child Gwen Stefani, we were a bit hesitant when we heard that she’d decided to venture into the fashion arena. It would have been tragic to see her, like many entertainers prior, put out a line of ill-made garments with little to no creative input from the actual “celeb.” But boy, did Gwen prove everyone wrong! She is one of those rare examples of when having an excellent sense of personal style and exquisite taste does, in fact, put you in a place to design for others. Her L.A.M.B collection is bold, daring, and sexy, oftentimes borrowing inspiration from Africa and the Caribbean. And as if amazing clothes weren’t enough, Gwen has the shoe game on lock too! We could only hope that her Target brand would include a couple pairs of head-turning pumps to match our banging outfits and Stefani-inspired red lips.

Laquan Smith

At the tender age of 22, Laquan Smith is certainly making a great name for himself in fashion. A mere two collections in, his career has skyrocketed and his vision is oh so clear: bold shapes, shortened hemlines, metallics, and embellishments galore! His clothes are fun and girly, with a dramatic edge—all of which have all worked cohesively to garner the attention of such superstars as Tyra Banks, Lady Gaga, and Rihanna. We would imagine that his line for Target would be our go-to option for a lavish girl’s night out, or funky evening event (gallery opening, award show, etc.) Voluminous skirts, sexy peek-a-boos of skin, and a little bit of bling would all be part of the look.

Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas Kirkwood’s structural shoe designs speak for themselves, and its easy to see why we’d love to have instant access to them! Each pair of heels is like a piece of architecture on your foot: bold, geometric, curvy, strong. . . .His use of color, metallic, and detailing are all very strategic but work perfectly to create killer heels that would make even the most “blah” outfit seem fab. His collection for Target would likely be full of 5+ inch heels, platform soles, and crazy cut-outs. They’d surely fly off the shelves.

Who else would you love to see a Target line from?

– Chelsea Smith

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