Black America’s funniest family is keeping busy. After a successful stint starring in the hit ABC comedy, “My Wife and Kids,” reports confirm the Damon Wayans will return to the network for a new show.

The actor and comedian will play an actor who plays “America’s favorite dad” in a sitcom, but who actually has a dysfunctional family in his real life.

Production for the show is underway, and is currently untitled.

While you’re waiting for Damon’s show to launch, and for Marlon to hit the big screen as Richard Pryor, you can tune into the next generation of the Wayans. Check out Damon Wayans Jr.’s upcoming show, “Happy Endings.” The comedic sitcom is based on the lives of a group of friends and is set to premiere on ABC during 2010-11 as a mid-season replacement.

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  • Liah

    The last couple seasons of M.W.A.K. underwhelmed me with the additions of uber ghetto Calvin and the overacting, so I hope Damon can return to what it made it so great in the beginning seasons. Excited about this tv news!

  • I like the Wayans, for the most part.

  • Alexandra

    I liked his last ABC show. I hope this new show is just as funny.

  • I look forward to it. MWAK did fall off near the end, but it was still a good laugh. Maybe he sensed the end was nigh and thought, “Screw it!”

  • Brittany

    I love the wayans bros they are intelligent and their comedy reflects that I also really like damon wayans jr. very sexy…