Last week, the widely viewed video titled “Black Marriage Negotiations” hit the Web sparking debate between Black women and men on the state of marriage and relationships. The three-minute animated clip shows a Black professional woman opposite a Black professional man in a boardroom negotiating marriage with the Black woman’s demands shown as largely unreasonable and harsh. Now another animated video claps back at the representation of Black professional women, showing a commitment-phobic Black man who refuses to settle with the woman he has been with for years.

The man tells the woman, “I have a fear of commitment. My last girlfriend broke my heart and I’m still healing.” But the woman in the video slams his excuses telling him, “You cheated on her and that was in high school.” The woman goes on to remind the man how deeply they are involved with each other, despite his unwillingness to admit it. She states they have a family and they were baptized together. The voice-over for the woman continues to telling him that she’s his emergency contact on all of his work medical and legal documents, they have joint checking accounts, she talks to his mother more than he does, and his sister is doing her hair later on this evening. The female character adds how faithful she is to him, and that she has supported his dreams.

This all doesn’t sway the male character. He says to the woman, “I need to spend my time and money on petite Latin and Filipino women now.” He tells the female character, “Even though you are mixed, you are no longer exotic enough for me.”

The clips turns the comedy on high-gear after the male character quotes Chris Brown’s “Deuces” stating, “You ain’t nothing but a vulture always hoping for the worse.”

“Dating the Modern Mid-Twenties Black Man” goes on to reveal some telling intricacies regarding the state of 21st century Black female and male relationships.

Check out the video. Is there any truth to this? Share your thoughts!

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