Erykah Badu has long been critical of the current state of Black music. Yesteday, after a seemingly bad listen to a local hip hop station, the 39-year-old soul singer took to her Twitter account to tweet her distaste about R&B artists and rappers gone pop. Badu says, “How ya’ll gone stand by and let our music turn into pop techno cornball ass music?”

“The New Amerykah” artist complained that we no longer own our music. “We don’t own our music no more. Come to think of it, did we EVER own it?” Badu says, “Where is the funk AT? They played 6 in a row today; pop techno songs back to back. With so called R&B and rap artist on the Hip Hop station.” Badu tweets, “Where I been? I wanna hear from the young people. It’s easy for me to complain about this techno-pop cause I have a taste for something else. But how do YOU feel?”

The long-time artist says she doesn’t want to offend anyone. But anyone remotely familiar with the today’s R&B sound knows exactly who Badu could be referring to. “Young people, I know this is the music of your generation. These rappers ought to be ashamed of their damn selves,” Badu tweets. “I’m talking about the mc’ s rappin over this pop techno music. I believe in pimpin the system [but] got DAMN! Not like this!”

What do you think about Badu’s tweets? A rant or a necessary message? Sound off!

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