From Black Voices — Let’s stop Weeping over Willow Smith. In the same week that one of my readers sent me a concerned email about a clip of questionably-clad pre-pubescent girls doing all kinds of damage to their thoracic regions by slinging around their necks to Willow Smith’s ‘Whip My Hair,’ the blogosphere erupted in backlash to someone’s poor attempt to remix ‘Whip My Hair’ with a track of Nicki Minaj rapping about her nether regions. We concluded our week of Willow Smith-related hand wringing with an ‘Is Willow Smith Too Grown‘ article at The Root and ‘Is Willow Smith too young to be famous?’ over at The Grio.
Now I must concede that I have no idea what Willow Smith is saying in the verses of ‘Whip My Hair.’ Between all of the mixing, Auto-Tune and banging beats, she could be singing about worshiping the devil and sacrificing kittens for all I know. But in a world where Nicki Manaj is a grown woman attempting to imitate a child’s toy, Willow Smith is just a child imitating her incredibly successful parents. Who’s the one who needs the greatest intervention?

Where was the National Association for the Prevention of Too Grown Black Girls (NAPTGCG) when black women in Milwaukee were blaming an 11-year-old girl who was gang raped by up to 20 men and boys for “know[ing] what she was doing”?When grown women were tripping over the body of a 14-year-old alleged victim toworship at the alter of 40-something R. Kelly’s crusty feet, where were all these concerned black folks wanting to maintain the innocence of black girls’ childhoods? We can have a rather lengthy discussion about black girls being turned into sex objects and exploited and abused at a young age. I’d be happy to lead that discussion, which I lead with a passion at my blog ‘What About Our Daughters?’But what is happening with Willow Smith is a completely separate matter. Is it concern or is it envy of her career that is driving all of this weeping over Willow?

Willow Smith is not too grown, she’s too great.

While her wardrobe selections are not your standard OshKosh B’gosh fare, she doesn’t appear to be dressed in a sexually suggestive manner. She’s unapologetically happy. Willow Smith isn’t walking around with the weight of the world on her shoulders and it shows. In a sense, some of y’all think she’s too grown because she’s too free and that’s too sad.

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