A Seattle family has grown to accept their five-year-old son, who likes to wear dresses, sequin and pink. The Kidodavis have not only accepted young Dyson, their heartfelt support has made local news in the Washington city after Dyson’s mom, Cheryl wrote a children’s book about it.

My Princess Boy tells the story of a young boy who is not like other boys his age because he desires to be a princess.

The family appeared on the local TV show, “New Day,” sharing their fascinating journey.

Dyson says, “I like to dress up in different kinda of clothes, and jewelry.” Cheryl reveals she first became aware that her son was fond of women’s apparel while picking him up at day care. Dyson was wearing a red sequin dress and pink heels. Dyson’s mother admits that she was initially uncomfortable, and said she went shopping for boy’s clothes and Kung Fu gear to place in the dress up closet at Dyson’s daycare. The next time she picked Dyson up, Cheryl says he had on a yellow dress.

Cheryl is not the only one on board with Dyson’s way of expressing himself—the child’s father is 100 percent supportive of Dyson’s love for dresses and jewelry as well.

Dyson’s father, Dean Kilodavis, says, “I’m fine with it. I just want him to be happy and healthy.” Dean continues, “In the end, when he’s grown up, I want him to be able to say that no matter what he chooses, my parents were supportive of me.” Dean says Dyson knows he has a sanctuary at home.

The support for Dyson’s desire to be a princess doesn’t end with his family–Dyson’s school also accepts him, thanks to his teacher. The entire school was given notice by the teacher about Dyson’s wish to be a princess for Halloween. Dyson’s teacher shares that there was no bullying, some students even dressed in solidarity with Dyson by wearing ballet dresses.

Cheryl hopes her new My Princess Boy book will further promote anti-bullying.

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