A Center for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) study finds that the highest teenage births in the U.S. are predominately in Southern states. The lowest rates are in the Northeast and upper Midwest.

The results were revealed in a CDC study release on Wednesday.

According to the report, birthrates fell to an average of 41.4 births per 1,000 teens in 2008 from 42.5 in 2007. 14 states saw a decline. But there was an increase reported from 2005 to 2007.

Teen births vary from low numbers like 19.8 babies per 1,000 females ages 15 to 19 in New Hampshire, to a high of 65.7 babies per 1,000 teens in Mississippi. California teenage birth rates were 38.4 per 1,000 teens.

Researchers reported that education, income, sexual activity, and contraceptive use are all major factors. Added factors are teen’s attitudes toward pregnancy and childbearing.

Teen births are generally more significant among Black and Latino populations. Results from 2007 shows that Latino teens give birth at nearly three times the rate of White teens, and Blacks give birth at almost two times the rate of White teens.

Black teenage birth rates in Hawaii are at 17.4 percent to higher rates in Wisconsin at 95.1.

The overall highest teen births occur in Mississippi, New Mexico, Texas, Arkansas, and Oklahoma.

States with the lowest birth rates includes Massachusetts, Vermont, and Connecticut.

Teenage pregnancies and birthrates are a critical area of study because teen parents are less likely to attend college and their children have lower chances of being healthy. Teen parents also earn less on a national scale than women who have children later in life.


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  • sloane

    as kia jd explained teen pregnancy is rising in states that insist on absitinence only education, and i’m sure the access to abortion for underage girls is stricter and more sparse as well. we need to stop injecting religious beliefs into what is a social issue. kids are having sex and need to not only be protected from sti’s and pregnancy, but they also need affordable access to safe abortions.

  • Viva Lola

    @Sloane I guess you recommend more abortion clinics in the south?? That’s even wrost hun! how about practicing SAFE SEX!!! HELLLLOOO!! WORRIED ABOUT PREGNANICES HOW ABOUT INCURABLE DISEASES! parent need to speak to their kids at a younger age and keep the conversation going throughout his/her life. Ppl in the south are so deep into religion! STEP OUT OF THE CHURCH AND SEE WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE DOING!! DROP THE CRACK PIPE AND SEE WHAT YOUR KIDS ARE DOING!

    The abortion rate for black women throughout the country breaks through the roof! something has to GIVE! doing to much before their time.

    PRACTICE SAFE SEX THAT IS THE KEY TO CURE THE TEEN PREGNANCIES RATE! you can’t say don’t have sex at all… because they will still be having sex!! they’ll find ways of hiding it. And before you know it she’s pregnant!


    • sloane

      wow, you sound insane. “drop the crackpipe”? that was imflammatory, discriminatory and, unnecessary. do you even know if the parents of these children use drugs at all? did the article say ANYTHING at all about the parents of these teens? NO. so quit using this article as opportunity to spout a bunch of ignorant stereotypes. read everything i’ve written and try to comprehend it because i said in plain english that it was important to to give teens comprehensive sex education, which teaches them to practice safe sex would help lessen the chance of contracting sexually transmitted infections (which includes incurable diseases) and pregnancy. and for those who don’t practice safe sex or do but get pregnant anyway, they need physically accessible, safe access to abortions.

  • Jencendiary

    It’s time to wrest the sexual health of America’s young people out of the abstinence only crew & the puritans. Young people are going to have sex. It’s a foregone conclusion. Now, how do we get them on the pill so they’re not shackled to a youngster in the years they should be building the foundation for their lives? How do we get condoms into their hands so they don’t become HIV/Hepatitis/Herpes statistics before their lives get started?

    I am tired of this conversation. Also, I grew up in Arkansas & lived in Memphis.

  • Michelle

    My daughter is in the 12th grade (we live in GA) and she says that nearly every girl in her class is pregnant. Some of the younger girls at her school are already on their second and third pregnancies. I’m not sure what is happening with these young women;there could be some abuse or incest involved and I’m sure a lot of self-esteem issues. It’s really sad to see these young women become mothers before they can even discover who they are. Even though my child is 18 I still talk to her about birth control, STD’s, etc. The very last thing I want for her is to be a single parent.

    • dvine

      unbelievable! i hope your daughter learns from their mistakes..

  • Caty

    I feel strongly this article should have also noted that although the teen pregnancy rate in black and latino girls is high,, it remains somewhat stable. The rate of teen births in white girls is RISING. All teenage girls and boys need to know the risks of unintended pregnancy. We need to stop putting all the responsibility on girls. Some of the boys have 2,3 or 4 children by multiple mothers. Then they have the nerve to complain about providing for their kids or that the girls aren’t good mothers.

    My parents taught all of us about sex, about abstinence and about avoiding pregnancy and disease. Of course they wanted us to abstain but they were realistic and gave us ALL the facts. My dad also talked to my brother about fatherhood and how rewarding it can be, but how difficult it is day to day. He also warned him not to lay down with a girl that he did not think would be a good mother to his child. I don’t know when my brother started to be sexually active and quite frankly I don’t want to know. I do know that he did not become a father until after he had been married for 2 years and had a stable job. As a result I have a beautiful and well-adjusted niece that is 8 years old.