American Idol sweetheart, Jordin Sparks, has embarked upon a new beauty venture with the creation of her first fragrance, “Because of You.” Named in dedication to her loyal fans and supporters, the light fruity scent combines top notes of clementine, orange blossom, and white imperial currant—amongst other things. Ever conscious of the economy, and the average income of her fans, Jordin has made the fragrance super affordable! She tells WWD:

“I looked at some other celebrity fragrances, and they were like $80. Even now, I look at a fragrance that’s $80, and I can’t bring myself to spend that much . . .  In this economy especially, my fans deserve a high-quality, reasonably priced scent.”

With that being said, “Because of You” will retail at an introductory sale price of $9.50 for 2.5oz of product. The price will later jump to its regular selling price of $14.95.

To get your bottle of the new fragrance, check out www.dots.com or your local Dots store. Not to worry if you don’t have one nearby—“Because of You” will hit Target stores nationwide in early November.

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  • Val

    I can appreciate what Jordin is trying to do with the pricing but I think a lot of people get their self-worth from spending crazy money on stuff like this. Those people might be reluctant to buy a fragrance that’s so inexpensive.

    There was a basketball player who came up with his own athletic shoe line and priced the shoes very low for basically the same reasons that Jordin is pricing her fragrance and his shoe line didn’t do very well. People buy Air Jordans because of the perceived status owning a pair brings.

    Same goes for buying a fragrance. I think she’d do better to charge a bit more for it.

    But I wish her luck because I really like Jordin.

  • I gotta agree with Vai. The price-point here is throwing me off. I see what she’s trying to do by appealing to those that may not have the income to spend on an $80 bottle of perfume, but when I see fragrances at these costs I tend to think of them negatively. I hope she’s successful here though.

  • Interested

    Awww how sweet! Thank you Jordin for being so thoughtful, and I hope this is a big success for you.