Really, Kohls? Really? No, but for real—are you serious?! In a cute little Halloween stunt, the mass retailer posted this wig as a part of their costume accessories offering. The wig itself is cute: big, bouncy, loose coils in brown shades with honey highlights. The perfect addition to any 70’s inspired disco ensemble. But the name was an ultimate fail: “Ghetto Fab Wig”. What, exactly, do they mean by that? We’d give them a break by saying it was all a terrible typo—but that would be a far stretch of anyone’s imagination.


Fellow beauty bloggers like our girl Afrobella quickly chimed in on the ridiculous product name, and Kohls responded swiftly. At first, they changed it to “Curly Wig.” Moments later, pictures of the product were taken down all together and the item is no longer available for purchase online. Ha! In Beyonce’s voice: “Somebody’s getting fired!”

What are your thoughts?

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  • Rootz

    wow, some of these comments really made me laugh. Jews not originating in africa? they were enslaved in egypt and all life originated in africa. Leave 1 star comments on Amazon so that people don’t ‘make money at the expense of Black hair’? hate to break it to you but the black hair market is a multi million dollar one, very few companies are owned by black people but every other race under the sun seem to be making good money out of us.
    The wig is gorgeous, and makes the model look beautiful. Not everyone is as anti curly hair, the ghetto, or black people as black people are. How many songs talk about ghetto fabulous and how cool/hip/chic it/the image is? We can’t be one minute saying how proud we are of ourselves, theres nothing to ashamed of being from a ghetto and the ghetto fabulous style and then having mass hysteria when someone uses the expression. If they showed this woman looking awful with lurid lipstick and talons to match and 5 kids next to her fair enough, but she has been shown as looking stylish, chic and beautiful. We are playing to our own insecurities and paranoias. If we took the time to complain about issues that really did affect the lives of black people/people in the ghetto (the two are not interchangeable) that might be time better spent than becoming hysterical about a wig.