Dr.-Adrienne-CarthonEntwine Couture Beauty, LLC, is a minority and woman-owned manufacturer, distributor, and marketer of premier hair, skin, and body care products. It’s creator, Dr. Adrienne Carthon, is a natural hair stylist and professor of Women’s Studies and African-American Literature.

In her search for products to style and maintain her natural hair, Dr. Carthon started experimenting with her own. One of the products she experimented with was raw Shea Butter—way before it became a household name. At the time, people were using Bees Wax, which she felt was too sticky. She says that Shea Butter worked well for her twists for a while, but didn’t work as well for other styles she liked to wear.

“Finding a balance between moisture, oil, and style preservation was tough. I wanted the ability to go from wet and coily to a twist-out or two-strands, without having to use ten different products to do so. I also wanted a product that would give me a press I would like without frying and sizzling my hair to death.”

During this time, there were actually a few products available for natural hair, but Dr, Carthon says that she didn’t want to go around smelling like fruits and nature all of the time. “I wanted a product with great performance, style, versatility, and a favorably memorable aroma.”

The Emergence of Entwine Couture . . .

“I knew there had to be a way to marry the lab and the kitchen in a union that would give me the style and versatility I felt was so desperately needed. That is when I began to nag my beloved cousin and best friend who had successfully launched his own line of products, SimplyHEALTHY® Hair, after leaving one of the number one hair care companies in corporate America. I pleaded with him before the first line of products ever went to market to make something for my hair.”

After two years of product development, testing, and re-testing, this duo created a new approach to natural and transitioning hair care and styling in the form of Entwine Couture. The blog describes Entwine as, “The chic, fashionable, highly functional brand for the high maintenance, high-powered woman whose hair is an asset, not a burden, and a reflection of her inner light that burns powerfully from within.

Entwine’s Products and Uses . . .

“The Manipulator” Crème Jellé Styler-The Ultimate Natural Hair Styler—A flexible, re-definable styling crème-gel used to create long-lasting natural styles with no heavy build-up, flaking or hardness. Use to flat twist, two-strand twist, braid, wash-n-go, finger style, flat iron or quick-sets.

“Indulgently Lux” Exotique Butter Crème Hydrator—A daily moisturizing and conditioning crème featuring a custom Balsamic Butter-Oyl Blend™ of natural butters and oils with luxurious conditioner that hydrates and softens the driest natural hair. Apply prior to blow-drying hair to protect and moisturize, or use to soften and moisturize all natural hair textures, twist outs, braid styles.

“On the Edge” Crème De La Mold—A powerful holding and molding mud featuring Micro-Fibrous Holding Technology that provides long-lasting smoothing, molding and holding power with no flaking, tackiness or excessive buildup on natural, transitioning and loc’ed hair. Use to hold edges, smooth the nape of the neck, or mold the hair. Also use for loc formation and maintenance.

“Total Perfection” Moroccan Argan Oil—100% Raw and Vegan, this rare, organically grown oil provides ultra-hydration, true protection, and sensual shine to the hair, skin and nails.

Entwine’s Future . . .

As far as the future is concerned, the creators of Entwine plan to incorporate fashion into the brand, as well as expand the product line. (Go to Entwine’s Facebook page under the Shop Now tab to get your beautiful asymmetrical studded designer Entwine Couture top). At the start of it’s inception, “The urgency was to create styling products, more products will be added to address the diversity of hair textures,” Dr. Carthon added.

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– Laquita Thomas-Banks

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