After Sunday night, TV gets kind of blahhh. We used to get excited for “The Rachel Zoe Project” on Tuesdays, but since the season finale a few weeks ago, nothing has refilled that coveted spot in our fashion television line-up. . . . Until now! This Tuesday (October 5th) at 11pm, Oxygen Network premieres its new show, “House of Glam,” which gives us a behind-the-scenes look into a fashion and entertainment image agency. If ever you wanted to know what it’s like to be a high-profile creative director, wardrobe person, hair stylist, or makeup artist—the team at The B. Lynn group is sure to give you some drama-filled insight. Check out the previews below and let us know—

Will you be tuning in?

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  • I will definitely be tuning in to this. I just hope they’re equally professional as they’re dramatic.

  • Tifani

    I definitely will be watching …. working as a stylist is a dream job of mine!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • sloane

    does EVERY human being need a reality show. this is so annoying.

    • Fraulein17

      i completely agree with you. i’m so sick of all these useless reality shows full of useless people (the real world,jersey shore,frankie and neffie,_____of love) i’m so sick of it! i hope the trend dies already.

  • Glamarazzi

    yeah I really think behind the scenes people should stay behind the scenes. Every stylists, publicist, assistant, make-up artist does not need to be in the spotlight. It’s too much.

  • i am also growing tired of the bombardment of reality shows. i can do without all of the drama. however, i love to watch shows that give me more insight into the business i am entering. for instance, i love the rachel zoe project. so, if the fighting and backstabbing is kept to a bare minimum, i’ll be watching…