Rihanna has joined fellow pop stars such as Beyoncé and J. Lo in her latest business venture—the launch of her new fragrance. “Reb’l Fleur” by Rihanna premiered in Cannes this past week at the TFWA World Exhibition. The scent, which is scheduled to launch in the US in 2011, is said to be “intense and daring.” It is a fruity floral that combines tuberose, violet, hibiscus, and a splash of coconut water. As would be expected of a product backed by Rihanna, the bottle is sleek and fashionable. It mimics the shape of a high-heeled shoe, is wrapped in silk ribbons, and topped by a golden ring around the bottle nose.

What are your thoughts on celebrity fragrances?

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  • If people will buy it then why not capitalize on such a thing? Rihanna is a powerhouse in terms of fashion and style. Her past haircut alone had hundreds of girls running to the salon with magazine clippings of her pics (me included). This will DEF translate into sales.

  • LaTigresse

    French is my first language and I have to say ”rebelle fleur” is a syntax error, it should be ”fleur rebelle”!!! My french class professor would absolutely cringe right now lol. So sad she actually got this tattoed on her, my only hope is that it was intented to be like this and she actually knows it doesn’t make sens………..

    • huh?

      um, if french is your first language then why do you go to a french class? just asking.lol

  • Melody


    Every celeb has a fragrance now. Getting slightly ridiculous.

    • sloane

      totally agree.

  • I think the bottle looks FAR from fashionable. Ribbons and heels? Okay…

    To be honest, Rihanna seems to be on the decline, so I don’t understand why she is suddenly releasing perfumes and forming companies now. Her latest album doesn’t have much hype at all besides her fans going crazy on-line. Rihanna is the perfect example of a puppet entertainer. Her label cuts her hair, strips her clothes away, and puts black make-up on her and she just stands their like a doll. Someone like that will NEVER be respected like businesswomen like Beyonce and JLo.