According to a YouTube video posted in September, a new dance called the “Choke” is burning in South America. With nearly 300,000 total views, the dance is sparking a lively discussion on the Web.

The new South American dance craze appears to be the old school “bump” gone aggressive. The dance features a man dancing behind a woman (who willingly dances along), percussively pulling her toward him. The trouble is seemingly that the man assertively pulls the woman in the direction of his private area. The movement also shows the man pulling or “choking” her from his side, and at times, from his backside as well.

No information found on where exactly in South America the dance originates, or the reasoning behind the name “Choke.”

The “Choke” is sort of a hard case for hyper-masculine abuse of Black female bodies through dance, the not-so-shocking switch-up—the woman “choking” the man from the back is also shown in the video.

After a bit more online research, we found another video showing two men doing the “choke.”

The “choke” is certainly not the first sexually-suggestive dance ever invented. We’ve seen loads of youth movements stateside with bumping butts, gyrating genitalia, and shaking behinds. But has the “choke” taken it too far?

We’ll stop here and allow you to express your thoughts.

Is it a just an innocent dance or is it disturbing? Sound off!

Source: Cheryl Martin, The Insane Asylum

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