T.I. appeared in an Atlanta court yesterday, October 15th where a federal judge sentenced the acclaimed rapper to 11 months in the prison. The 30 year-old rapper was sentenced on his violation of the terms of his supervised release, according to reports.

Many feel the acclaimed artist received a fair sentence considering the prosecution aimed for two years. T.I. pleaded with the judge to lessen his sentence and instead, help him on his drug addiction.

In September, T.I. was arrested after police discovered drugs on him and new wife Tameka “Tiny Cottle during a traffic stop. The couple’s immediate arrest promoted yesterday’s hearing.

Police documents obtained by media outlets says the rapper tested positive for opiates and was in possession of Ecstasy. T.I. was also associated with a felon, who was present in his car during the arrest, according to reports.

T.I. was placed on a strict probation after he was released from his nine-month sentence on purchasing illegal firearms.

TMZ says T.I. has two weeks to turn himself in to authorities.

What do you think about T.I.’s sentence? Fair or not? Sound off!

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