T.I. Talks Regrets


Atlanta mega rapper T.I. is scheduled for a hearing at a Georgia court today. The “King of the South” was arrested on drug charges in Los Angeles, California, in September. The charges are likely to end the revocation of T.I’s probation on his federal weapons conviction for which he served a nine-month prison sentence, and an additional three months in a half-way house.

The recently married T.I. was a hot topic in more positive news after talking a man out of a suicide attempt. T.I. assisted police in persuading the man not to jump off the roof of a high-rise office building in Atlanta. On Thursday, T.I. was interviewed by CNN’s Don Lemon. The rapper couldn’t reveal the details of his case, and, instead, talked about his regrets about his latest choices.

T.I. tells Lemon, “”The only thing that I can say, man, is that all people who have supported me, who were behind me, who believed in me, who were disappointed and were let down, I just offered my sincerest apologies and I will dedicate my life no matter how long it takes to earn your trust back and to make you proud yet again,”

The widely successful emcee says he’s tired and worn out. “I don’t have the age, the energy, or just the attitude to move forward and continuing in this cycle in this ongoing process of destruction and disparity in my life.” T.I. says, “I’ve got too many depending on me and counting on me. I can’t do it.”

There was an outburst of disappointment after the news broke that T.I. and wife, Tameka “Tiny” Cottle, were arrested on drug charges during a traffic stop. But we have to admit, it’s refreshing that T.I. is taking responsibility. We hope this time is the last time.

What do you think about T.I.’s case and his honorable assistance in the stopping of a suicide? Sound off!

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