M. Michele George is the author of The Knotty Truth, a guide for natural hair wearers, those contemplating wearing their hair natural and transitioners, and those exploring the physical and mental journey of transitioning from chemicals to the embracing of natural hair. The Knotty Truth also gives information about styling and maintenance techniques, detailed lists of what products to use and those to stay away from, and much more.

M. Michele George (who is also certified as a Natural Hair Stylist/Consultant under NIC standards, and works with the state of Ohio to effect change in the cosmetology industry) took time off from her busy schedule, which includes conducting The Knotty Truth seminars and writing her second book, to share her transition steps with Coco and Creme readers.


1. See your Vision — This step is so important and perhaps the most difficult. Set realistic and tangible goals to make the journey easier. Embrace every aspect of your life with pictures that inspire, motivate and encourage you. See yourself in your natural state. Keep a journal of your journey, especially noting products and their effects on your hair.

2. Write your Natural Vision Periodically — write your “why” and your goals because they may change as they evolve around your vision. Reassess your “why” to keep you focused on your personal contract.  Refer to the resources listed in this book—and from the growing cyber community of naturals—to build a support network. Reflect on the small steps it will take to help you complete your goal as the vision manifests. Set estimated timelines and benchmarks.

3. Crown Yourself once the Goal is Met — reward yourself. Go out with your new group of natural friends and celebrate with a Henna Party or a girlfriend’s hair party. You’ve come a long way!

M. Michele George’s second book, The Knotty Truth: Making Fabulous Locks on a Dime, is due to be released this winter.

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