From Black Voices — It would be so easy to criticize the people of St. Marc Haiti who organized a protest against the construction of a 400-bed cholera treatment center that was so violent, the humanitarian group building the facility decided to pack up and find another location.

After all, the protests which included stone throwing and the burning of tents in the treatment compound look like the actions of a desperate, ungrateful, irrational people unwilling to help their fellow Haitians.

It’s so easy to judge them while sitting here in the United States, safe and sound from the spread of fatal diseases like cholera.

Doctors Without Borders promised St. Marc residents that the new facility posed no extra risk to residents. They added that closing the proposed center would hurt their work to curtail the spread of the disease which has killed nearly 300 and sickened more than 4,000 in the past few weeks.

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