Looks like Kanye West isn’t pissed at “Saturday Night Live” anymore. The outspoken rapper/producer returned to the SNL stage in New York City performing his popular unreleased single “Power.”

With an artistic backdrop and ballet dancers, West released a new and unheard verse. The original version of the recording released in early July included a major diss to the SNL show and cast. West rapped, “F**k SNL and the whole cast/tell them Yezzy said they can kiss my whole a**.”  But on the show, of course, West change the second verse with a clean and SNL-friendly verse.

West appeared last on SNL three years ago, in 2007 on an episode hosted by new Miami baller LeBron James. But the rapper’s reputation on the long-running comedy sketch show turned south after the Taylor Swift interruption at the 2009 MTV “Video Music Awards.”

Everything appears to be peachy with SNL now. West also performed his second single, “Runaway,” along with device accompaniment—similar to his most recent performance on the VMAs. He donned his favorite all red everything suit, and near the close of his performance, he stood on a small suitcase, surrounded by dancers.

At the end of the show, West seemed a little upset about something, perhaps something technical with his performance went wrong. We didn’t notice much though; it was another unforgettable performance by one of the greatest hip hop stars of our time.

Photo Source: Dana Edelson/NBC

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