• Kamika

    I really like this song!! I mean really like it! LOL …but I guess I’m the only one who probably sees the video as a little psychotic. Something about it reminds me of Girl Interrupted. **shrugs**

  • jazzy

    yessssssssss cutie i love it!
    i wish my mother let me shave my head at 9 :(

  • jewlz

    Willow you really got it going on for a nine year old and thats whats up starting early in the music biz is really good…your video is the ish and i think you have the best song for 2010 …. well keep holding it down and makeing nikki m. amd k perry look bad because you are truly a angel and are going to the top…

  • cherbear

    I know this tread is old but this is a must watch. Little girl skating routine to whip my hair.

    check it —> http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QBxpjtcBAG8