What NOT to Wear


No one should care more about your appearance than you. Surely the most important opinion of your looks is your own, but first impressions DO count in many situations. Some situations this is especially called for are job interviews, meeting new people, first dates, and so on. You WILL be judged by the way you look, like it or not.

Your image really suffers when you wear clothes that don’t fit. Like it or not, we judge people based on how they look—partly because if we don’t know someone, we have to start somewhere, and it usually starts with first impressions. But even if people know you, some impressions are just not up to par with representing the image you want to portray, and putting your best foot forward—especially when it comes to a job interview or a public appearance where impressions mean a lot.

You can look good no matter what size you wear—whether it’s 4 or 24. More and more clothes are being made to accommodate all kinds of sizes and shapes of girls and women. But I shake my head sometimes when I see how some people wear jeans that don’t cover their behinds (ugh—the saggy jeans!!!), or shirts that don’t cover their bellies. Please take a little pride in yourself (and everyone who you may run into in public) by acknowledging some basic principles of dressing excellence.

Your shirt is too small if:

  • The buttons are holding on for dear life, pulling the sides of your shirt so far apart that you can see “O’s” down the front of your blouse, not to mention your bra underneath.
  • You can see the skin of the bottom of your stomach. Not cute. (If you have rolls or a “pooch,” don’t accentuate them with a tight shirt.)
  • The armholes are rolled up in your armpits, so the entire hem of your sleeves is not visible.

Your pants/jeans do not fit if:

  • You can see your ankles while you’re standing up (your pants are too short).
  • You can see your crack when you’re standing or bent over (your pants are too small, or you may need a higher rise).
  • You have to lie on your bed, jump up and down, or hold in your gut to zip up your pants.


  • Your bra creates breast bubbles under your shirt (your bra is too small and you probably need to go up a cup size—get a proper bra fitting in a fine department store).
  • You can see your bra or panty lines through your clothing (invest in Spanx or another quality shapers to smooth rolls, lift breasts, and eliminate panty lines).

In general, if you have to squeeze into it, it doesn’t fit.

– Daree Allen

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