Queen Latifah is the latest celebrity speaking out against bullying. The 40-year-old rapper-actress is supporting the anti-bullying campaign by opening up about her own experience with teasing.

The Covergirl star tells Express.co.uk that she was picked on at school because of her large breasts. “Later I found that having big breasts was a really good thing, and people were paying for this.”

The New Jersey starlet says, “I think a lot of times kids who are bullies get away with it because no one confronts their parents. Parents have to step up to other parents and say, ‘Listen, your son or daughter, is texting my son or daughter, or emailing, or tweeting, or Facebook-ing or talking about my child or pressuring them in some sort of way.'”

Queen continues stating we’ve got to fight for our children. “They’ve gotta step in for these kids . . . we’ve gotta fight for our kids.”

Were you ever teased about your looks? Share your experiences with us!

–Geneva S. Thomas

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